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January 19, 2019 Hunt for Happiness Open House 11-4

I was researching the National week calendar and found that the third week in January is set aside for the hunt for happiness. I was surprised that there is a Secret Society of Happy People and they celebrate a hunt for happiness. Happiness is a great subject to celebrate. Join us at Star Woman Crystals for a play date with the crystals. Play with an animal or a friend. Just do something silly and start to laugh. It is hard to be unhappy when you are laughing. Call 480-423-9512 for directions.

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January 20, 2019 Sunday National Hugging Day Open House 11am to 4pm

We can all use a hug! In this day and age, it seems like we are losing the human contact that we need. I know that I enjoy hugs. Stop by Star Woman Crystals and get a hug from Betty and Shari. Remember to spread the joy and hug someone today.