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Our cozy showroom and a sample of stones available from Star Woman Crystals:

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We have available, for sale, over 4000 items... crystals, stones, pendants, pendulums, Tibetan singing bowls, Buddha Ganesha and Kwan Yin statues, crystal and stone hand carved wands, Purple Tourmaline and geodes, over 100 different minerals and the ever-intriguing moldavite. 
For Soothing and Calming Energy Work: 
Honoring the calling of Spirit, Betty is available to assist people on their path of self healing.  Call for an appointment to experience the energies that come through Betty.
For Intuitive, Compassionate Counseling and Crystal Layouts:
As an ordained minister, Shari offers counseling to those that are in need to hear compassion and insight. Her Intuitive messages bring heart-felt unconditional love and understanding.  

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